Polska Flota Klasy Korsarz
Polska flota jachtów międzynarodowej klasy 505




Our company, Narwal Sails has been founded in 1992. For many years we have developed and delivered thousands of sails for our Customers all over the world.


In 2010 we were invited by Polish 505 Association to start 505 class sails development program.

We do have a lot of experience with different sails, but since the very beginning we knew, that 505 is very a complicated class and we are ahead of new, demanding task. But we love challenges and we really want to continuously learn – that is why were happy to join. The main goal of the program was to develop an all-round and fast sail set for a price more competitive than any others.

Using advanced sail design software and our know – how, we prepared 3 first sets of the test sails. During next years, we invested a lot in 505 sails development. We spend a lot of time testing the sails on the water in various conditions – from very light winds to extremely heavy. All, even smallest remarks were implemented to the next models and we started the tests again. It means really a lot of hours spend on the water, thousands of pictures and movies being analyzed. We looked for the optimum sails shape, depth etc.  During those years, we have also tested most of the sailcloth suitable for dinghy racing.

In 2011 – 2014 our sails won Polish 505 Cup.

In 2014 our sails took 1st and 3rd place during 505 Polish Championship.

Currently we have more and more 505 Narwal Sails racing on the water. Feedback from the crews is very important to us, as we know that our program is still ongoing. We want to learn more and develop better, more durable and faster sails.

Narwal Sails continuously supports Polish 505 Association in class development in Poland. Since 2014 we also have sponsored Swedish 505 Cup.


We can also offer quality 505 covers in a very reasonable price. We talked to the crews to collect all ideas and get as close to their needs as possible. Covers were designed and optimized directly on the 505 hull, boom and mast so they will perfectly fit your boat and equipment.

We offer top quality, breathable and UV resistant acryl or more affordable nylon cloths. Using acryl cover your boat will always be dry, even if covered wet just after sailing! We use only best quality materials from Sunbrella, Sauleda or Sattler.

We also offer mast, boom and foils bags in padded or non-padded version. Padded bags really protect your expensive 505 equipment.